Toking Made Simple

Tosi offers the flower lover a portable and convenient way to consume their favorite flower, making toking-on-the-go easy and discreet.

Easy Solution

tosi is your all-in-one toking system - simply grab and go for a convenient, discreet and portable toking companion.

Your tosi includes THCa popcorn-sized nugs packed in a child-resistant container with snap-shut lid and our stainless-steel one-hitter pipe that also acts as a grinder.

No papers, no grinder, no fuss.

Dugout, dime bag, stash box, eighth. Whatever you call it, we've improved it.

tosi was created by a 35-year user of the wooden dugout and one-hitter pipe. The dugout was a great tool used widely in the 1970s with an execution that begged for improvement.

tosi is that vastly improved solution.

Our functional child-resistant injection-molded box with built-in cleaners and stainless-steel microgrind pipe is a complete toking system that is specifically made to be used with whole, unground bud or ground flower.

THCa hemp flower in a dugout - stash box
THCa hemp flower in a dugout - stash box

Wherever you are, whatever you do, carry a tosi along with you.


tosi dugout with THCa legal hemp flowers - weed storage box
tosi dugout with THCa legal hemp flowers - weed storage box
thca flower

Experience The Best THCa Weed

Taking the time to slow down and enjoy life is what we are all about at tosi. We have created the perfect option for those who enjoy smoking, with a revolutionary way to enjoy THCa weed that is both simple and convenient.

Why Choose tosi?

tosi is an all-in-one toking system including legal hemp THCa popcorn nugs, a snap-shut, child-resistant container, and microgrind stainless-steel one-hitter pipe. These essential items are packed in separate compartments in a compact, plastic, child-resistant container that keeps everything together making it the perfect on-the-go smoking tool!

THCa is a naturally occurring compound in the hemp flower that is harvested and processed without heat, so it does not produce a psychoactive effect when ingested. When heated, THCa converts into THC, which is the cannabinoid that produces the psychoactive effects associated with the use of cannabis.

Looking for THCa Near Me

Enjoy our various strains of THCa hemp flower, which are all top notch quality. We work with a network of growers to ensure that we have the best THCa weed available. In addition, tosi provides a Certificate of Analysis or COA for each of our products, providing full transparency through third-party laboratory testing.

Next time you are searching for THCa near me our selection offers something for everyone. Our Sativa strains include Blue Dream, Jack Herer, and Sour Tangie. Sativa offers several benefits, including boosting creativity and energy. Try our Indica strains of Tuscan Gelato, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and Bubba Skittlez for a more relaxing and calming effect.

Depending on state laws in your area, tosi provides shipping options. We comply fully with all federal and state regulations, and our products comply with the Farm Bill Act.

For more information on our tosi THCa weed products, email support@tosiworld.com.

  • Legal Hemp THCa

  • 1st Child-Resistant Dugout

  • Reusable Container

  • 100% Satisfaction

Benefits for using a tosi

Zero Waste
Flower Only
Toking made Simple


  • What does tosi mean anyway?

    tosi is a portmanteau of toking and system. We believe that enjoying your favorite smokeable flower should be easy and convenient.

  • Why a snail?

    We chose the snail as our brand icon for a few reasons. The snail is a visual reminder to slow down, to practice a little self-care (we suggest in the form of a smoke break). A snail carries everything it needs on its back, and it’s the perfect representation of the tosi: it’s all you need in one portable container. 

dugout one hitter

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